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  • Is there anywhere close to eat out?
    Nannup is our nearest town, there you can find the Nannup Hotel, Nannup Brewery and other small cafes. Nannup is a 15 Minute drive from your cabin
  • What can we feed the animals?
    Apples and Carrots are a firm favourite for our Higland Cows, Mini Horses and Eeyore the Donkey. We can provide Sheep, Goat and Alpaca feed for you if you would like to feed these guys
  • Can I have a fire?
    YES! (subject to Bushfire season) Billabong and the Vines have indoor wood burning stoves. Our Cedar Cabins have outdoor fire pits Bags of firewood can be purchased from the office
  • Is the Hot Tub shared or private?
    Our Billabong and Cedar cabins have private outside hot tubs. Each cabin has their own, so you can enjoy in peace and quiet
  • Can I go into the paddocks and ride the Cows?
    Unfortunately, this is a NO. For out guests safety, we ask that no one enters the paddocks. Whilst our Higland Cows are cute and friendly, they do have some BIG horns on them.
  • Can I buy Bread and Eggs from you guys?
    Yes you can! You wont miss our very free range chooks roaming around. Just mention that you would like to buy nearer to check in or click on the link below
  • What is there to do in the area?
    Our good friends in Nannup have a great site for this:
  • Where can I swim?
    Jarrah Glen has direct access to the river, however for those wanting a gradual entrance there is a local swimming hole on Jalbarragup Bridge. Failing that, Barrabarup Pool is a great tourist attaction to go and cool off and jump in from the jetty
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